Golden Globe 2010 Best Dressed on the Red Carpet

Here are a few of my favourite fashionista’s from this years Golden Globes. These aren’t in any order, I just wrote them down as I saw them. I’m sorry if you do not agree with my choices, it’s just my opinion. Please feel free to tell me what you think =]

1)Lauren Graham

Purely because I love Gilmore Girls! Lauren looks so pretty in pink and this hot pink clashes with the royal red carpet, making her stand out even more from the crowd.

2)Livia Giuggioli

I think for once, all eyes were off the totally gorgeous Colin Firth, and were instead on his beautiful Italian producer wife. I love the delicate swirly pattern and the black ribbon and purse make a great contrast.

3)Dame Helen Mirren

At the ripe ole age of 64, Dame Helen proves you are never too old for that sexy black dress. The glittery detail adds that modern touch.

4) Jennifer Garner

Recently, it seems the only pictures we see of Dear Jen are of her playing Mum with her 2 daughters in pretty normal everyday clothing, so it was refreshing to see her all dolled up. Jennifer pulls off this asymmetric dress effortlessly. It has a sort of Greek feel to it – A Greek at a disco.

5)Zoe Saldana

This colour is so beautiful on Zoe and its good to see shes keeping with a piratey look with the raggedy bottom. The detail of the top of the dress is very cute.

6)Calista Flockhart

Here, Calista looks oh-so vintage in this 1920s inspired dress. It hangs beautifully on her petite build making her look taller. This is something I would definitely wear.

7)Sigourney Weaver

This forest green is immaculate on Sig. The wrapped effect show her curves well and the gold jewellery are a great touch.

8)Carey Mulligan

With her sweet innocent smile, its hard to believe Carey is 24. I really love this dress. The midnight blue colour really stands out on her pale skin tone and has a sort of Gothicy feel to it

9)Lea Michele

Keeping with the Gothic look is Glee’s Lea Michele. I Love the contrast of the tough looking top and light fluffy bottom. Her emerald earrings add a dash of colour.

10) Sandra Bullock

Looking perfect in purple is one of my favourite actresses, Sandra Bullock. Its such a gorgeous colour and Sandra oozes confidence. The slightly see-through skirt gives it that sexy little flash of flesh.

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