Grammys 2010 Top Fashion

Having looked through the photos from this years Grammy’s red carpet arrivals, I was quite disappointed. There wasn’t really anybody who stood out fashion wise (except of course Lady Gaga who always likes to surprise). I found it hard to find 10 ladies who’s fashion from that night really blew me away, so I have excluded 2 male stars who really stood out for me. These fashion favourites are just my opinion and so you may not agree, so I’m sorry if you don’t but hope you still enjoy what I have to say =]. P.s. these are not in any order!

1) Fergie Aka Stacey Ferguson

I’m not really a fan of Fergie but I absolutely love this dress. The blue is a wonderful colour and the silver strip really gives Fergie curves in all the right places, and she fantastically teams it with silver accessories.

I adore this dress, it has a kind of Mermaid look to it. I love how the faded style starts all the way from her pale white hair. She looks so glamorous considering we’re used to her not usually wearing alot when she performs.
3) Miley Cyrus

Again, I’m not a particular fan of Miley but she looks so grown up in this piece. The balance between the long sleeves and short hem is great as too much flesh can be tacky. Her caged heels and silver chains give it that rock chick boost.
4) Lady Gaga

Of course I cannot talk about the Grammy’s without mentioning Lady Gaga. She’s never one to disappoint when it comes to wacky outfits, just check out her shoes!! How can she possibly walk in those?

5) Kaley Cuoco

Kaley looks sizzling hot in this sexy black number. Amazing how she can wear this very plunged v-neck, whilst remaining classy. I love the wrap around on her waist – Curve-a-licious.
6) Lea Michele

This is definitely something I would wear. Its cute and fun. This colour looks great on Lea and the clinched in waist and fluffy feathers makes her body even more pear shaped.
7) Melody Thornton
This dress really shows what great hips Melody has and the detailing is beautiful. Who could of thought fading grey into pink could look so amazing? And Melody’s purse fits perfectly with her outfit, with the grey main body and pink metal fastening.

8)Adam Lambert

Yes, it may be slightly over the top, but that’s exactly why I love it. He stands right out from all the other male celebrities who attended. The shimmery blazer adds a special something and Adam is rocking the guy liner like never before.

9) Kristen Bell

At first I wasn’t sure about this dress, but the more I look, the more I love it. It falls wonderfully over Kristen and she oozes confidence.

10) Simon Baker

Simon looks so very dapper and drop dead gorgeous. He’s given this somewhat plain grey suit, a mod feel with a skinny tie and the glasses give it a modern twist which not every guy would be able to pull off.

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