Outfit Of The Day

Red European Premiere

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to the European Premiere of Red by my friend Kevin who had won tickets. I really liked the film. It had laughs, action and a bit of a love story. John Malkovich was hilarious and I now have a bit of a crush on Bruce Willis (I swear that man doesn’t age and he still knows how to kick butt!). Anyway, I decided to get a bit dressed up as its not everyday I actually get to walk down the red carpet.

The dress I’m wearing is velvet body con with mess sleeves and neckline. I bought it from Pop Boutique in Leicester. My leopard print coat was purchased from eBay and cost me under £20 (don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making). Finally my boots were bought from a charity shop for just £6.99. Oh, and look who I bumped into as I was leaving the screening…..

Its only Jermaine Jackson. I told him we are birthday buddies and he said ‘Ah, your a Saggie too’ and then he hugged me. He was lovely.


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