Chanel at Paris Fashion Week S/S 2011.

Chanel’s show at Paris Fashion week was a little disappointing. None of the pieces really screamed out for me. I usually love Chanel, but I just wasn’t feeling it for this show. There were, however, a few pieces that I did quite like:

This is quite a simple design but Mr Lagerfeld hasn’t really needed to do much as the material is so detailed. The pink ribbon crossed at the waist really emphasizes the hips and the colour would suit most skin tones.

That coat is really quite adorable. Love the balance of the little collar and big pockets. The silver buttons really compliment the light violet colour.
This dress reminds me of a waterfall with the rippled effect at the top like a river and then the cascading diamonds on the slight translucent chiffon all the way down. The short skirt underneath, gives that flash of flesh.

This is a really pretty dress and could definitely dazzle on the red carpet. I especially love the neckline and the sleeves. Looks like it would be really comfortable and easy to wear. Accessories wouldn’t really be necessary either.

I love the top and how it rests, nearly falls off the shoulders. The grey and the pale pink really work in favour of each other and the way the horizontal stripes get further spread across the chest, really accentuates the size. The big pink bow on the side of the hip makes it a more playful look.

I really do love the little jacket. Its very nautical. The padded shoulders give it more shape and volume and the 3/4 length sleeves with a flash of black give it a modern touch.

Absolutely adore this coat. The white collar makes it almost feel like it should be worn as a dress and the black ribbon bow is a cute way of doing up the coat and it makes it feel more feminine.


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