Dior caught my eye

So I was just looking through some photos from Paris Fashion Week. Christian Dior’s show has definitely caught my eye so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite pieces. Their very 50s inspired and I am loving the hair do’s – must try some out myself!

Yellow can sometimes be a harder colour to wear but it does work best on brunettes. This dress is what I imagine Belle from Beauty & The Beast would wear if she went to the Prom in Grease.

I adore the blend between the light blue and beige and the tiered skirt is really fetching. The cowl neck offers that modern touch.

The make-up and hair are very rockabilly. She reminds me of a Quality Street chocolate the way the dress twist wraps itself around her waist. Simply Divine!

I like the feathery detail on one side and then the dark dramatic colour on the other. Loving the statement red lips and head piece.

The only thing I don’t like about this dress is the tucked bit at the front. I do, however love the draped back and the colours are gorgeous. Just check out her make-up!

This dress is a little different as its not big and puffy like the others, but the detailing is exquisite. The dress doesn’t just feature a bow, it is a bow. The colour is beautiful against the models pale tone and the length and fit are definitely made for us taller females of the world

I am pretty sure this was the big finale of the show – you don’t get much bigger than that. Completely breathtaking!


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