The Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011 – My Fashion Picks!

Oh I do love awards season!! This blog update is all about the SAG awards which are held in LA. To be honest, I’m getting a little bit bored of all the neutral colours on the red carpets so I’ve tried to include some brighter numbers from tonight’s ceremony. Here are my 7 best female picks and then a final award at the end for best dressed male. These are just based on my personal opinion. I would love to hear who you would have picked, just leave a comment at the bottom. Thanks for reading =]

1)Helena Bonham Carter
This is actually quite subdued for Helena compared to her latest red carpet dresses (how can we forget the odd shoes from The Golden Globes?). Black and white dresses are always nice as the colours are so opposite from each other that they make the whole look really stand out. This number is made from such pretty, delicate lacy material and Helena has accessorised her look perfectly with the black shoes and handbag, and white pearl necklace.

2)Claire Danes
Love this dress, especially with the thick black belt around the waist, it really breaks down the fully patterned dress. Claire has brightened up her look with red nails and cute pink lipstick. I also think she could recycle this dress by getting it made shorter and having some thin black straps added – would be a perfect little summer dress.

3) Julia Stiles
This is such a beautiful dress and I think it really works on Julia with her smokey eyes. We all know of my love for chiffon. Its just so easy to wear and can glide across a persons body and it works really well with the faded affect.

4) Mila Kunis
Mila is on fire in this hot gown! That colour is sizzling on her, especially with the darker/black details, really helps to combine her hair to the whole look. It can sometimes be hard to wear a red dress on a red carpet but because this dress isn’t a block red colour, it really does work.

5) Lea Michele
Wow! Lea looks amazing and very grown up. The dress is so sparkly she’s only had to accessorise with one bangle and the thin gold belt really shows off her tiny waist. The colour stands out against her slight tan making her glow even more.

6) Renee Bargh
Although this dress is a little plain, apart from the ruffled neckline and one shoulder, I can’t stop looking at her gorgeous fishtail plait, and she has it on the opposite side to the shoulder strap, which is always rule number one with one shouldered dresses/tops. I think a belt could have livened up this dress a bit too.

7)Hailee Steinfeld
I am predicting big things for this young girl and not just on the big screen. I still can’t believe she is only 14 years old! The style of this dress is very grown up but the bright, bold colours give it some youth. She hasn’t needed any accessories or heavy make up as the dress does all the talking. I’m going to be keeping a close eye on Hailee. She always dresses older than she is but manages to keep her looks fresh. This was my favourite look of the night, love it!

Man of the night – Armie Hammer
Your probably all thinking what makes him so different from all the other black suits at the awards tonight. Just look at his smile -its contagious. I am very quickly becoming so much in love with this man. He just seems so happy in every photo I have seen of him. A smile can be an amazing accessory if you show it off!


3 thoughts on “The Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011 – My Fashion Picks!

  1. Good picks!! My personal fav is Mila Kunis though. And Armie Hammer does look gorgeous even though his name does remind me of the Arm and Hammer toothpaste :/


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