Elle Style Awards 2011.

I’m back again! Tonight was the Elle Style Awards in London. Here are my favourites from tonight’s ceremony.

1)Jameela Jamil

Jameela brings some sex appeal in this long Hussein Chalayan gown with the high slit up the leg which shows off her luscious skin tone. Her shoes are to die for!

2) Emilia Fox

This look from Emilia reminds me of a certain Carrie Bradshaw from the film Sex and the City 2 (see below), what with the retro tee and voluminous skirt. The chunky chain also gives it an 80s feel.

3)Karen Gillan

This is my favourite look of the night even though its not as dressed up as the others but it would be pretty easy to imitate. Its an easy look to wear during the day with some flat pumps or converse and then dress it up in the evening with some heels. The light coloured shirt also makes Karen’s hair look more fiery than ever

4) Alexa Chung

If Alexa is on any red carpet, then you know she’ll be making an appearance on my blog. This is a really beautiful and elegant dress. It’s quite long but the waist band and loops 3/4s down help to break the length up so she doesn’t look too frumpy. I’m also really loving Alexa’s new darkened locks, it really brings out her eyes.

5)Courtney Love

I find it very surprising that I actually like something Courtney is wearing. I’m not much of a Courtney fan but this dress is really flattering. She looks so lady like anyone who didn’t know who she was would find it hard to believe the things shes done. The red lipstick gives it a flash of glamour.

6) Emma Watson

Emma looks like an ice skater in this super short number. I love how Emma really balances out how much flesh she flashes. If she wears something short, the neck will be high but when she wears a low neckline, the hem is usually to her knees. You don’t have to show everything to be sexy.

7) Minnie Driver

This is a very flirty little dress from Minnie. I love the pattern and the diagonal hemline. The puffy sleeves give this tight dress some volume. This dress is most likely made for the younger generations but Minnie has pulled it off without looking silly.

8) David Gandy

Every time I see this man I can’t help but say ‘Cooorrr‘. Yes it is the hottie wearing the white trunks in that Dolce & Gabbana advert. Who would’ve thought he looks just as irresistible in clothes. The fact that he’s wearing a three piece suit only makes me love him more.

9) Henry Holland

Henry never fails to disappoint me. He always manages to to get around wearing the same black suit that most guys wear on red carpets. It looks sort of like denim and those orange buttons really stand out.

10) Nick Grimshaw

Here’s Nick with Pixie Geldof rocking the plaid suit. I love how he’s wearing a purple tie to match with his date for the night. Another three piece suit which I am a big fan of on guys, I only wish more wore them. Every time I look at this photo, all I hear is ‘Smooth Operator’.

Hope everyone likes this update, don’t forget to leave some comments at the bottom. I’ll be back later for a Brits update!!


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