The 2011 Brit Awards!

The Brits have hit London! Lots of colour at tonight’s show. Here are my fashion picks.

1)Alesha Dixon

Alesha knows exactly what her best assets are and always makes sure shes showing them off. Just look at those legs! She brought the glitz to the red carpet just not sure about the silver shoes and gold dress combo.

2)Avril Lavigne

Avril has managed to balance out her rock chick with lady like look. Love the dress and shoes and shes rocked it up with the heavy black eyeliner and thick wrist cuff.

3) Sophie Ellis Bexter

Looking very rockabilly, Sophie’s cute 50’s style red polka dot dress does remind you that Valentines day was only yesterday. I am very fond of the full skirt, This is very Sophie!

4) Dionne Bromfield

Dionne’s looking very grown up and her dress kind of reminds me of Spiderman’s suit with the web-like pattern. Her long wavy locks are sweet and keep her look youthful.

5) Paloma Faith

Paloma always brings the glamour everywhere she goes! She looks like she should be on one of those exclusive cruise ships. The big bow adds the fun factor!

6) Eliza Doolittle

Love the colour Eliza has brought to the carpet. I especially love those wedges. The sheer long sleeves keep a balance between the super short hemline and the fringed back help make sure she doesn’t flash her knickers which is an added bonus.

7) Rihanna

Yet more colour, this time from Rihanna who appears to be a lot more covered up than she has been recently. Instead of matching a dress to her flamboyant hair colour, shes gone the opposite and worn colours which make her stand out even more. I’m really liking the contrast between the soft swirly patterned top with the rough frilly skirt.

8) + 9) Caroline Flack + Emma Willis

Well this is embarrassing. Two British female TV presenters both wearing the same dress. The white lace dress is very cute and they have both accessorised in different ways. I adore Caroline’s little black bow necklace which shes teamed with a large black bag and chunky black ankle boots. Emma has teamed her dress with a thin black belt, little black clutch, black tights and black heels. So who’s look do you prefer?

10) Tinie Tempah

Man of the evening Tinie Tempah brought on the swag tonight looking very dapper in this three piece white suit with black lining. I really admire his polka dotted bow tie – can be a hard look for a hip hop artist to pull off but he does it exceptionally.

7 thoughts on “The 2011 Brit Awards!

  1. I love Tinie's style! He always manages to look so geek chic in SUCH a sexy way!! I'm loving all the colours too but I'm kind of unsure about Rihanna's dress, I expected a lot more from her. As for the Caroline/Emma debate, I think I prefer Emma's look but Caroline would have got my vote if she was wearing different shoes. Nice picks though!! 🙂 Stacey x


  2. Eliza Doolittle dress looks absolutely shockingly awful, she looks like a chicken, come on all that money she is making and what dress does she pick for the brits, an ugly ass chicken dress!….but errr i do like her shoeses tho, they are noice.


  3. oh dear god, what in the name of jesus is rihanna wearing, is it not cool any more to wear things that look good? is everyone trying to go for the 'ooo im sooo original' but in fact they look stupid and retarded!! sometimes simple and less looks better and classier


  4. Avril Lavigne, maybe you should look up in the dictionary the term 'hair dye' you look like mong with your hair dyed in rainbow colours! but the dress is preeety though.


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