Caroline Charles – London Fashion Week

This collection from Caroline Charles is very Audrey Hepburn inspired with masculine pieces mixed with feminine stuff too. This is all things that can be worn to office whilst looking stylish.

I really like this dress which looks great with the tie and bowler hat. The black belt helps to break up the block grey colour and stops the model from looking frumpy as the dress is slightly long and falls below the knees.

I positively love sheer blouses and this sheer shirt dress is so simple but very flattering. The thin ribbon tie and tied waist belt give this look more character. The dress could also be unbuttoned for drinks after work.

This dress would be quite plain and boring if it wasn’t for the delicate laced sleeves. I adore that little hat too. I can’t really wear hats like that as my ears stick out – too bad.

This is such a darling little dress. I am mostly drawn to the rounded neckline and the little black gloves. The shimmering jade colour is also very alluring.

This is very Breakfast at Tiffany’s with the black gloves and necklace. The pattern gives it a modern feel and I especially love the tight waistband and the length is very elegant.


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