Paul Costelloe – London Fashion Week

Paul Costelloe was the first to kick start London Fashion Week for A/W 2011. Absolutely loved his show! Lots of bright autumn colours and also lots of A-line dresses with flared skirts. I am also a big fan of all the different patterns used and I adore the shoes too. Paul Costelloe is definitely being added to my favourite designers. Here are a few of the pieces I really liked:

I am really looking forward to buying lots of different coloured tights for autumn. It’ll make me feel like a little girl again. This dress is so sweet and playful.

Everyone loves a bit of tartan! I really like the shape to this dress, very feminine. The neckline has a real vintage feel to it and the pockets give it that boyish charm.

This piece sort of reminds me of the school uniforms they wear in Home & Away. Shift dresses can suit most people as they help to hide any bumps you’d rather kept hidden. I really love the dainty pocket detailing too.

This coat looks so snug, it would definitely keep you warm through the chilly nights. It has a tweed look to it which can be seen as quite formal but the bright buttons make it more playful. Also there is a 70s feel from the big collar.

This one is not at bright as the last ones but it is still just as cute. I am a big fan of A-line dresses with girlie skirts. I really favour the delicate patterning and what looks like a front zip fastening.

Absolutely adore this dress. Slightly different from the others with the low cut neck-line. I am infatuated by the tight waist and pleated skirt which helps to accentuate the hips. The regal pattern makes it look really classy.


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