Daks – London Fashion Week

The first runway show of day 2 of LFW was Daks. Their stuff looks like proper winter clothes with comfy jumpers and country checks. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection.
I can’t work out whether this is a navy satin dress or a separate top with skirt layered with a jumper – either way, I love it! The little gold band around the waist helps to prevent this look from being to frumpy and plain.

Another skirt, shirt and jumper combo here. This skirt slightly longer than the last and very much thicker. The jumper has a wider neck so when teamed with the buttoned up checked shirt, it has a mod feel to it. Again, the tight waistband makes it more fitting but this time the jumper has been tucked into the skirt.

The delicate patterning on this jumper helps add a feminine touch when combined with the slightly masculine buttoned up shirt. Also the slightly flared checked trousers are very farmers wife in the 70s.

 Overall, this collection looks comfortable and easy to wear and would definitely keep you warm through the winter nights. A great start to day 2!!


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