House of Holland – LFW 2011

This is probably the show I was most looking forward to. I absolutely love Henry Holland and own quite a few of his pieces for his collection for Debenhams. His stuff always has loads of colour and fun patterns. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from his LFW show:

 I am loving this little denim number especially with the pearl beading detail which accentuates the bust and makes the waist appear slimmer.

 This dress has such a vintage feel to it with the neutral check and the pearl beads around the neckline and hem. Its finished off with the thin brown belt. Henry’s not made it look to sophisticated buy adding those brightly coloured socks for fun.

 This is very 70s – something to be worn loud and proud. Its nice and tight so will show off curves very well.

 Such a cute pink dress here and I love how its been layered over a slightly darker tee to dress it down a bit. Also it looks like its the return of the alphabet tights which always make an outfit more playful.

 Is it a jacket? Is it a leotard? Who cares? I love it!!

 This is adorable. I especially love the lace peeking over the neckline. There’s so much colour that it makes it easy to accessorise.


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