Serena vs Blair

I have been catching up on recent episodes of Gossip Girl and like every other episode I’ve ever watched, I’ve fallen in love with the outfits. But its got me wondering – who do you all prefer? Serena or Blair? I myself am more of a Blair girl.

Serena definitely loves to flaunt what shes got with extra short shorts/hemlines and very low v-necks. She also has a lot of fun with bold patterns and quirky accessories.


Ā  Blair tends to keep her colours simple and her hemlines are usually longer than Serena’s. She has such a classic ladylike look. I would definitely pick Blair’s wardrobe over Serena’s – but who would you pick?


3 thoughts on “Serena vs Blair

  1. its so hard to choose because Serena always goes for the sexy look and Blair keeps it traditional, classy and sometimes with a touch of 50s. I personally choose an outfit depending on my mood and event. So for this reason I cannot choose between them. Love both of their fashion trends.

    Love the blog, Charlotte. Keep going, you are doing very well. x


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