Style Steal – New Girl Episode 1: Pilot

So Zooey Deschanel’s new show New Girl has finally hit the UK and if you’re anything like me and my friends, you are already HOOKED! Zooey is a little bit of an idol to me. One thing I really love about her is her style and this always seems to come across in the characters she plays in films/tv shows. Use this blog each week as a helping hand in stealing her style.

The first outfit we see from Zooey’s character Jess is this red and white Anthropologie dress. Unfortunately it is no longer available, but I have found some alternatives.

The first is a Ponte Tiered dress from New Look available in the sale down from £37.99 now at £26. Next is this red leaf print Cami dress from Dorothy Perkins, again available in the sales down from £27 to now £14. Thirdly is this lovely Ottoman Bustier dress from Warehouse in the sale with a whopping £50 off now available for just £20!! Finally is this super cute Object of Confection dress which can be found at Modcloth currently in the sale with 30% off.

Next, we see Jess watching Dirty Dancing and cry on the sofa BUT still in a cute and comfy style.

A checked shirt is a key piece for every wardrobe and can be found in most shops in various colours and for affordable prices. Check out this older blog post all about the different ways to wear a checked shirt.

And finally, here’s one last adorable ensemble.

I love this look. The berry colours are very in right now too.

I actually have the H&M blazer which I wear quite a lot. The material is kind of jersey but a bit thicker, so it’s really easy to wear. There are also suede elbow pads which are really cute. Hope you all enjoyed this post. Visit again next week for Episode 2: Kryptonite.


3 thoughts on “Style Steal – New Girl Episode 1: Pilot

  1. That bar shes in looks like the golden grove (spoons) in stratford XD I own that purple vest. So I'm already unconsciously a trend setter.


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