London · Outfit Of The Day

Zoo Date!

Here’s what I wore for my date at the zoo. It was the last day of sunshine before this rain madness hit London.

I absolutely love when separate pieces from different shops match perfectly with each other. It may look like I am wearing a blue shorts suit from one store, but were in fact bought individually. The blazer is from Zara and is one of my favourites (not just because Zooey Deschanel wears this exact one on New Girl). I then found these high waisted shorts in Monsoon in the sale a while ago. I wasn’t even on the search for matching shorts. I just happened to find them and then realise they go together exactly!

It was such a great day, I mean, who doesn’t love the Zoo! I even got a really good look at the Sloths which are my favourites!

 And here’s a closer photo of the Sloth =]

I think if I ever got the chance to touch a Sloth, I would have a total breakdown just like Kristen Bell.


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