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Salvation Army Charity Dress

I have been very excited about doing this post. Remember how I told you about that charity shop I found with the gorgeous vintage dresses? Well I went back last week and tried on about 10 and managed to whittle it down to this one below.


A lot of the dresses were bought in from a woman who was a professional piano player so they were all made to measure and with a 22 inch waist, most of them didn’t quite fit me. However, this one I did manage to squeeze into and I absolutely love it! I wore it to the Vintage fair in Shoreditch last week and got a lot of compliments. I especially love the bright print and the cute collar and bow. I paired it with some bright red tights and my navy velvet Topshop boots (Yes, those boots again!). I got some amazing stuff from the vintage fair which I’m sure will be featured here very soon!

Thanks for reading. Any questions or requests can be sent to charlotte.olivia.ellis@hotmail.co.uk


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