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Ukulele in the Park

2 days in a row? I really am back! This outfit is from a few weeks ago when the weather was still nice in London. I decided to take my ukulele over to a little park just behind our house.

I bought my ukulele just over a year ago. It’s called Sir Paul as I actually met the legend himself the day I bought it. It’s so weird because at the Queen’s Jubilee Sir Paul McCartney was actually playing a union jack guitar!! I can play a few songs but not quite ready to become a performer just yet, but maybe one day you might find a video or 2 of me on Youtube. Anyway, back to the outfit. The cream lace cardigan I got from Forever 21. It’s perfect for those cooler summer days as its really light to wear. I bought the grey skirt from eBay. I always feel so much more ladylike and elegant in a longer skirt. I have so many pair’s of sunglasses but these are my favourite. I got them last year from New Look in the sale.

Don’t forget to check out all the lovely stuff I’m selling on eBay. I’ll be back tomorrow with a Paris outfit!!
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10 thoughts on “Ukulele in the Park

  1. Thank you so much! Yes I have seen Sir Paul play live, about 3 years ago. But I actually met him the day I bought this uke. I told him how amazing he was ❤ and I got a photo with him. He is so lovely. I also went to see Ringo (my favourite Beatle) play live in concert last year, so I can now die happy!


  2. I can't go see my favourite beatle 'cause it's George and he is already dead 😦
    Yes, Paul is surely lovely! In his concert here in Brazil, two girls were with a paper (?) (omg my english is failing) raised with this written “Paul please sign our arms so we can get a tattoo”. So he called them to go to the stage and he did that for them! He is so sweet! <3
    I only can die happy if I be able to go to a Lou Reed's concert (he is my favourite musician ^^)


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