Outfit Of The Day

2 Days in Paris

A few weeks ago I visited the beautiful City of Paris with my housemate Luke. Prepare yourselves for exclamation marks after every sentence! This is me trying my best to look French but probably coming across more English than ever!


My blouse is from Romwe, my new favourite place to shop. They add new pieces everyday and I fall in love with everything! We all know I love all things nautical so this blouse just screamed my name! The hat I got from a vintage fair in Shoreditch last year. I ended up ‘accidently’ leaving my hat behind, so I’ve HAD to book another trip over to Paris.

On our first night we met up with 2 other friends, Denise and Gregoire, who were also over from London. We spent part of the evening on the Pont des Arts, a really lovely bridge where all the cool kids seem to hang out. It’s covered in padlocks etched in lovers names to symbolise eternal love.

The next day we were taken on a tour to cute cafes and fab vintage shops by my French twin Béryl. In one vintage shop I bought myself 3 pairs of shorts, a skirt and a shirt all for under 16 Euro – Bargain!The food over there is delicious and so much cheaper than London and don’t even get me started on the wine!! We even went in to Chanel – so amazing!!! These cool stripey podiums were at the Jardins du Palais Royal.
Took a little walk past the Moulin Rouge (Where my arse was checked out!)
And how could we not go and see the Eiffel Tower. We packed a picnic of a selection of cheeses, saucisson, wine and chocolate. Béryl brought along her ukulele and we had a little singsong whilst watching the Tower sparkle.
A massive thank you to Béryl for being an amazing host and for agreeing to let me come visit again next month! I have never been so sad to come back to London (and I do love London).
Come back tomorrow for another outfit post. Thanks for all the comments, I do read them all and try my best to reply and check out your blogs too. ❤ And don't forget to check what II’m selling on eBay, will be adding more stuff in a few days time!

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