Outfit Of The Day

R U Mine?

Whilst I am still in the process of picking my 15 favourite blogs as part of “The One Lovely Blog” Award, I thought I’d upload a quick outfit post.


This nautical style dress is from River Island. My Mum bought me it for Christmas but unfortunately it is too big so I am currently selling it on eBay. It still has 4 days left, so you better get bidding!! I have also entered this photo into the Lookbook.nu X River Island contest. It would be really awesome if you could help me win by hyping my look. You may spot a little paw on my leg and another little creature in the bottom left hand corner. We have kittens!! 3 altogether and they’re are the cutest things ever!!

I’ll be adding some more things to my eBay later tonight so check out my selling page. I’ll also be posting a different item I am selling each day over on my Lookbook and Chictopia pages so check them out too!! I’ll be back soon with my chosen 15 “One Lovely Blogger” awards =]


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