Outfit Of The Day

Kick in the Teeth

Sorry for the quiet on the blog front, I was away on the sea front! Went to visit Brighton for a few days to celebrate my housemate Chloe’s birthday. Always have a great time down there so look out for some Brighton looks coming soon. For now, here’s an outfit from last week.


This is slightly grungier than my previous looks. The sheer blouse is by Red Herring from Debenhams. I am currently selling it on eBay. My leather shorts are also Red Herring and my black cowboy style boots I bought from one of those cheap shoe shops down Oxford Street a few years ago. I’ll probably be selling those soon too.

I received so many lovely comments and gained some even lovelier new followers whilst I was away, so now I’ll get responding and following back. If you do follow me, make sure to tell me in a comment as I don’t get notified of new followers and I want to follow you lovely lot back! Check out my other items on eBay including this dress from my last post! I’ll be back tomorrow!!


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