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George’s Girl

It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit post and as you will see, I’ve changed a little over the last 8 months.  It all started with me getting bored of my hair (plus a mini heart break) and deciding to chop a big chunk of it off!

This left me with a short blunt bob which felt nice for a few days…but even this wasn’t enough to satisfy me.

I started searching on twitter for trainee hairdressers looking for models for free hair cuts. After making an appointment at a salon in Covent Garden I headed there with my mind completely open to any style. I sat down and gave Sam my hairdresser complete control over what he wanted to do. Here’s the result.

This was probably the shortest I have ever had it since being born! It took some getting used to as it’s so different to anything I’ve ever had before but I got by, reminding myself it was only hair, it’ll grow back. I also started to plan the various styles I wanted to go through whilst it was growing to each level. After letting it grow for 3 months I got it cut into a more symmetrical style which is a lot easier to get away with not doing much with it as I’m quite lazy with styling my hair everyday.

So that’s the story with my new look and now back to today’s outfit!


The brown silky dress is by George at Asda and was given to me by a friend. I’ve paired it with my brown boots (I have these to thank for getting me through all those snowy days!) and a leopard print cardigan (check out yesterday’s post featuring more leopard print on the red carpet of the NME Awards!). I bought the black belt from the charity shop I recently started to volunteer in. I find some great bargains here!

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave some comments. I’ll try to post as regularly as possible.


2 thoughts on “George’s Girl

  1. You are so brave cutting your hair. You would need to kidnap me and tie me to a chair to even get an inch of now! Love the Asda dress , really suites you. xx

    p.s your newest follower 🙂


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