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Granny Pants

Monday, Me and a friend visited the Museum of London to see the exhibition that’s currently on called ‘Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men’. It sounds gruesome, but was actually really interesting. We also had a wander around the rest of the Museum which takes you from the Romans, through the Victorian era, to the 1920’s, swinging 60’s, punky 70’s and even some pieces from last years Olympic ceremonies.

I got to play dress up, which I am a big fan of! The Roman’s were rocking the leather waistcoats centuries before the punks made it cool.

Someone NEEDS to make me this 60’s Beatles dress, pretty please! They also had some Mary Quant outfits.
Here’s my outfit from the day.

The paisley printed trousers are from Boohoo. As soon as I spotted them, my mind started flashing with the various garments I could pair them with. They have so many different colours in the pattern that the outfit possibilities are endless! This time, I decided to wear them with a tan chiffon shirt layered with an evergreen equestrian jumper. The faux fur coat was given to me from a family friend. It’s kept me super warm the last few weeks!

If anyone is about in London next Friday, my very good friend Martyn’s band Black Cannons are playing at The Enterprise in Camden. Take a listen of their EP below!


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