Outfit Of The Day


I’m stuck at home with a sore foot, so what better way to spend my time than with a new blog post! Today’s is an outfit post. This was from a few weeks ago. Me and my brother went costume shopping for Reel Music’s movie soundtrack club night event. It was a lovely warm and sunny day. Here’s what I wore.


The trousers are from Matalan. I’ve become a big fan of printed trousers. There are so many different patterns to chose from and if it features lots of different colours then there are also endless possibilities of what else you can pair them with!

This time, I wore mine with a lilac Fleetwood Mac t-shirt which I found in a little cheap boutique in Startford for £5! The light denim jacket is from Next but I bought it from eBay and my flats, bag and sunglasses are all vintage. The shoes are actually old nurse shoes so they’re super comfy.
Here was the end result of costume hunting

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat any apples from weird old ladies.

I’m currently taking note of my favourite outfits over at this years Cannes Film Festival. I’ll post up a list with the top lists from the whole festival when it finishes next week, so look out!

Don’t forget to like my Facebook page, there’ll be an exclusive Facebook only giveaway coming once it reaches 100 likes! For now, I’ll leave you with some Fleetwood Mac. Thanks for reading, don’t be shy, leave some feedback 🙂


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