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I Saw Her Standing There

About 2 months ago, I popped down to Brighton for their fashion week. As much as I love London, it’s always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle. My little trip was the perfect excuse to use my new Beatles suitcase!!

A woman came in to the shop I work in with one and my heart skipped a beat. She told me she got hers from TKMaxx, but it was cheaper to buy instore (£30) than online (£69.99). So I made it my mission to find myself this suitcase. I think I must have looked in about 6 different TKMaxx shops but was unsuccessful. So then I became Charlock Holmes, investigating the internet and I managed to find it on Amazon for £54.99.


I decided to match the rest of my outfit with the suitcase, which was perfect as monochrome was very in! My stripey dress is vintage and I actually bought it in Brighton a few years ago for a bargain price of £6! The studded faux leather jacket is from a little clothes shop in Stratford and my leather Chelsea boots are vintage, bought from eBay years ago. My sunglasses I had bought just a few hours earlier from a jumble shop called Snoopers Paradise down the lanes. I can spend hours in that place, it’s crammed full of amazing things!

This is where I ate my breakfast. So relaxing just listening to the waves. I met up with a friend who lives nearby and we did some shopping and had a little wander around. We also bumped into this guy!

He played some Lady Madonna for us.

I found that my favourite joke is an actual bar in Brighton too!!

I’m looking forward to hopefully visiting Brighton again for the bank holiday next week.

And here’s one final photo of me feeling like a celeb at Brighton Fashion Week. Cheers to the guys over at Create for this!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another outfit post!!


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