Outfit Of The Day

50 Shades of Green

Good evening (again! – I’m on a roll)

Today’s post, if I’m not mistaken, is my 50th outfit post – Hurray! This outfit got me alot of compliments in the office. I also decided to wear my hair a different way and I wore a dash of lipstick which I hadn’t done in a while. It’s amazing how the slightest changes, can make the biggest of differences.

I have basically stolen this dress from my housemate. I spotted it lying on her bed one day, the pattern really caught my eye, so I tried it on. Turns out it was made for me! It was supposedly longer with puffy sleeves but my housemate hacked away at it with some scissors. The fact it’s a little rough around the edges, makes me love it even more!


It’s such an interesting dress and the colours are beautiful. I teamed it with some dark brown long boots. I’m so glad it’s getting colder so I can start layering again. I also bought a new coat from JOY. It’s super cute and totally me!.

And yes…that is Bradley Cooper peering over my shoulder! Haha, thanks for reading and don’t be shy, leave a comment (or do be a little shy and be anonymous). I’ll be back tomorrow with a monochrome look 🙂

Don’t forget you can vote for my Autumn Fashion Look Contest entry over on Oasap’s Facebook page. Whilst you’re over on Facebook, why not like my blog page too!


4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Green

  1. Never thought you'd go for multi-coloured but it looks great on you – and those autumn shades are some of my favourite colours too. Love it!


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