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Me Jumper

After spending the whole weekend in bed, dying from a cold, I am back! Here’s today’s outfit, featuring yet more tartan!


The tartan trousers are a new purchase from H&M. They’re so nice and warm but are a lot darker in colour than they are on the website. I decided to stay extra cosy by pairing them with a frilly lace collared shirt from Romwe and a navy cashmere jumper…WITH MY NAME ON IT!! This jumper is one of my greatest charity shop finds. OK, not quite my find, but my friend Jenni, who I was shopping with at the time, found it hanging on one of the rails. It is definitely one of my favourite pieces, I mean Hello! it’s cashmere and by french brand Gerard Darel, AND IT’S MY NAME! Yes, yes, I’m actually 4 years old and get excited when things feature my name on it. Anyway, moving on. Today’s jewellery was all silver.

Another favourite of mine, my Tiffany silver peace necklace, bought for my 21st birthday by my Cousin/Godmother. I feel bad for all my other necklaces as I do tend to wear this everyday.

The first ring is of a silver eagle claw from Wholesale It Online. The second ring is my Dad’s. It has his initials engraved on it, he used to wear it on his little finger…until I stole it!

Something very exciting was waiting for me at home…my new Orla Kiely dress!! I’ve been waiting for it for about a month. I bought it from one of those discounted websites, but it still cost me quite a bit. It is from one of the past collections and I cannot wait to wear it! But until I do, here’s a little sneak peak.

That’s enough excitement for one day. Be sure to like my Facebook Page to keep up with my goings on.


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