My Choies

This week I am lusting over online clothing store Choies. Each week they add hundreds of new items plus with free Worldwide shipping and $15 free to spend after you sign up, what other reasons do you need to treat yourself? Here are my top 3 picks from my favourite 4 categories.

Top 3 Dresses

1. Red Plaid Dress with Denim Sleeves  2. Layered Collar Dress in Wine Red  3. Slim Mini Dress with Bow Detail  

Top 3 Coats

1. Vintage Houndstooth Duffle Coat  2. ELF SACK Wool Cardigan with Contrast Collar  3. Contrast Colour Oversized Chess Coat  

Top 3 Jumpers

1. Multi Slough Striped Jumper  2. Cute Cherry Knit Jumper  3. ELF SACK Diamond Knit Jumper 

Top 3 Blue

1. Velvet Blue Skater Skirt  2. Blue Polka Dots Shirt with Pendant Collar  3. Blue Lace Up Ankle Boots

All of these pieces are new items which means….10% off, so hurry as this will only last 2 weeks!!


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