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J’adore French Boys


Welcome back to another outfit post, this time with a French twist…

This jumper had been on my lust list for around 2 years, until I finally found one on eBay. It’s originally from Topshop, as is my black drawstring skirt. My striped rucksack is from Accessorize and the tartan trainers I bought from Schuh a few years ago. My jumper doesn’t lie, here’s one French boy that J’adore.

This is Joe and he’s a classically trained piano player, so when I spotted the free pianos in Kings Cross Station, I had to take him! I think he really liked my little surprise and it was lovely to finally see him play.

How cute is this? Whilst Joe was playing, this little boy came over for a closer look. He seemed quite fascinated with Joe’s skills.

Check out this funky gif of Joe playing that I made 🙂

The pianos were really old and vintage looking so weren’t of the greatest quality when played, but it was still a lot of fun.

After some piano time, we grabbed some sushi and boy was it goooood.

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Au revoir for now!!


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