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Friday night I went to watch my dear friend Martyn’s band, Black Cannons, play a gig in Shoreditch. They were on top form as always! Here’s what I wore.

This tartan suit is actually 2 separate pieces from different shops. The blazer I got from a charity shop which is originally from Primark with some embellishments added by the previous owner. These tartan trousers are from H&M. I love that they’re called ‘slacks’. They are so perfect for winter with their thicker and really comfortable material, and only £14.99! I decided to dress this suit down with a band tee from Forever 21 and navy Converse. Of course I’m also wearing my trusty Peace Sign pendant by Tiffany & Co.


Believe it or not, I am stood outside my front door. It was painted this bright pink colour a year or 2 ago to match the colour scheme of our estate agents, who we live above. I’m not really a fan of the colour pink, but I guess this makes our place stand out from the rest and it’s a little different.

I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with another outfit post featuring a very special dungarees look, see you then!


One thought on “Journey

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