Outfit Of The Day


Just a quick one tonight! If you happen to be following me over on Twitter, then you’ll have heard me mention some early morning photo shoots with my dear friend Kev. Here’s the results of the first one!

http://lookbook.nu/look/widget/5538535-New-Look-Tuxedo-Style-Dungarees-Necessary-Clothing After spotting Lucy of Shiny Thoughts in her dungarees, it reminded me that I had a pair that I’d bought months ago hiding in somewhere in my wardrobe! Mine are originally from New Look, but ASOS have a fab range in all sorts of varieties. I decided to just go with the tuxedo style of mine and wore a white chiffon shirt underneath. This shirt is super cool as it has a little black ribbon to tie as a bow, and I love the black collar and cuffs.

My snazzy shoes are from Necessary Clothing. Every time I wear them, I feel like I should be tap dancing down the streets of London.

My cute little bow bag is also from New Look but I bought it through ASOS.

We took these photo’s at around 7:30 in the morning! It’s getting so difficult to take decent outfit photos as it’s so dark by the time I finish work. I think Kev quite enjoyed being my photographer, so much so that we did another one the following morning, so come back for more tomorrow!!

Goodnight for now 🙂


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