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Leaf Dipped in Bronze


The days are getting colder and I’m very happy deep down. I know I may moan that I can’t feel my toes and that wearing my hood up in the rain flattens my hair, but this is all made OK by the fact that I can dig out all my jumpers again! Today’s outfit features one of my fav’s!


This cute and fun jumper is from Topshop. It’s so fluffy and warm, and features little pompoms all over it, love it! I’ve layered it over a bright pink chiffon shirt that I got from a SwapAholicsUK swap shop and a vintage brooch, which I’ll come on to a bit later.

I know I’ve said this before, but I love Primark jeans. They always fit me so well and this berry pair are such a perfect colour for A/W. My buckled shoes are from New Look, only now available in brown. Now for the brooch…

This brooch I have borrowed from my Mum…I say borrowed, I don’t think she’s aware I actually have it! This will be a good test to see if she actually does read my blog, ha ha! It is a leaf dipped in bronze, hence today’s blog title. She bought it back in 1987 whilst on her honeymoon, so it’s older than me! It is the epitome of Autumn, and we all know how much I love this season, so chances are, my Mother won’t be getting this back any time soon (Sorry Mummy!).

That’s all for today’s post. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon with more!! Thanks so much for all the comments and new followers, I am slowly but surely making my way through them all to respond and follow back. Be sure to like my Facebook Page.


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