Outfit Of The Day

Pattern Clash

Hello everyone!

Quite possibly my favourite thing at the moment is pattern clashing. Today’s outfit combines 2 patterns I wear the most; stripes and tartan.


My tartan skirt is from Forever 21 and my navy plimsolls are from Peacocks. The best thing about this tartan skirt is that it features a lot of colours in the pattern. I’ve got an outfit idea I’d like to try involving yellow tights…

The stripey long sleeve top is from Primark. I love the lace collar. I also have it in plain black, keep a look out for it on the blog soon!

People can be a little sceptical about pattern clashing, I know I was at first. If you want to play it a bit safer, go for patterns that feature the same colours.

Be sure to keep a look out over on my eBay as I’ll be adding some items over the next couple of days, including my trusty duffle coat. Will be sad to see it go, so someone give it a nice new home!


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