Outfit Of The Day


Good morning all!

Just a quick one before I get ready to head out for the day. A couple more photos from my family trip to Southport before Crimbo. Here’s what I wore on day 2!


It’s my new Kurt Geiger shoes again, I said you’d be seeing them a lot! My black jumper with the lace collar is from Primark, Jamie jeans from Topshop and my striped backpack is from Accessorize.

It was a wee bit chilly up in Southport, so I thought polka dot socks were best.


My Aunty and Uncle have the biggest household Christmas Tree I have ever seen. It was the perfect back drop for our family photo.

This is payback for my brother who was my photographer for that weekend. He likes to mess around and zoom right into my face and take the most unflattering shots. What he keeps forgetting is that I get to pick which photos make it on to the blog!!


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