Outfit Of The Day

Green Velvet

Howdy folks!

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine, though it’ll probably be raining again by the time I’ve finished this post! I hope you all like green because this post is very. This is part 2 of my St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Here’s what I wore for the evening drinks with my cousins.


My green velvet dress is from Romwe. Unfortunately it’s all sold out on their website, but they have hundreds of other pretty dresses to choose from. My tortoise shell sunnies are from Spitalfields Market.

The best thing about this dress, apart from the super soft velvet touch, is the sweet bow detail and open back. So very girly and totally me!

Check out this little guy lounging around in my Aunty’s garden. How cute!

This week I was approached by Relay Rides to share my road trip essentials. Relay Rides is a peer-to-peer car rental service, so whether you’re looking for a car to rent or fancy making some dosh by hiring out your own car, this is the site for you! As festival season is upon us, I decided to make a Spotify playlist of my top tracks for when you’re on the road. Get ready for lots of acoustic guitars and singalong classics.

Spotify don’t do The Beatles, which sucks but did make compiling the list a little easier, so Ike and Tina’s rendition of ‘Get Back’ will have to do. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading!



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