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Evening folks!

At the end of May my Daddy dearest turned 60. To celebrate, he wanted to go on a wee trip up North, so a hotel was booked for the Ellis’ in Blackpool. During our first day we took a little drive to Liverpool. Of course there was one place in particular I wanted to visit…

Being in the birth city of the Fab Four, it was only right that we visited The Beatles Story Exhibition. I was in my element! It was my Dad who introduced me to The Beatles quite a few years ago when he made me a CD of  their biggest songs (to be honest, you could probably fill about 7 CDs of their greatest hits). I was astounded that I actually knew every song, which was weird as it wasn’t as though I had been brought up with my parents playing their music constantly (my Mum detests them… don’t ask!). Since that very first CD, I have been a massive (too small a word?) fan of these 4 lads from Liverpool. After catching the documentary about the bands first visit to America, it was decidced that Ringo was to be my favourite.

I love Liverpool. The shops around the docks are all full of 2 of my favourite things; The Beatles and pirates!

My outfit for the day was inspired by a certain Beatles song. Let’s see if you can guess…


My chunky cable knit jumper is from Oasap. Obviously I love the bright yellow colour, but I also love the vibrant colors of the flower details on the shoulders. It means this sweater can be paired with a variety of coloured shirts/bottoms. For this outfit, I decided on a royal blue chiffon shirt originally from Primark which I bought from a little second hand clothes shop over in Donegal in Ireland. My favourite pair of jeans are from Topshops Jamie range. These yellow brogues are also from Primark and they brighten up the dullest of outfits!

Now, I’m not usually one for much accessorizing, but on this occasion, I couldn’t resist. White sunglasses seem to be quite popular this summer. I bought these ones with turquoise arms from Primark for a measly 2 quid! My prized Ringo badge was a great find from jumble shop Snoopers Paradise in Brighton, and the anchor badge was a present from a visit to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

Here are some more photos from our day in Liverpool.











I absolutely loved The Beatles Story and can’t wait to go back as there was another part that we didn’t quite get enough time to visit. I have actually started a 6 week online course on The Music Of The Beatles through Coursera and so far, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve also just enrolled on a Fashion Journalism course through Morley College in London. It starts in October and I am beyond excited!!

Oh, did you manage to guess the song inspiration for my outfit (there was also a clue in today’s post name…)

That’s right, it was Yellow Submarine, with my Ringo on vocals.

I hope this post didn’t hurt your eyes too much. If it did, be sure to come back tomorrow for a darker outfit post featuring boats! Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to like me Facebook Page to get sneak peeks before my posts go live.

I’ve also entered Rokit’s street style competition and would love your votes. If I win, I’ll be using my prize as an exclusive giveaway on the blog.

See you tomorrow where…


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