Outfit Of The Day

Blackpool Beach


I’m back with our final day up North. After going to dinner with the ‘rents, me and the (not so) little brother went for a walk along the beach. I finally had the chance to show off my new Bonne Chance Collections dress!


For this outfit, I’m going to start with the shoes. I got these lovelies in Primark a few years back. I love their bold yellow colour but it wasn’t a colour that featured much in my wardrobe, so I’ve been on the hunt for pieces with even a hint of this colour so I could get these bad boys out. When I found this dress on Bonne Chance’s site, I knew exactly how I would wear it! I added a gold buckled belt and black cardigan, both from a clothes swap, and white sunglasses.

You should all follow Bonne Chance on Twitter for special discount codes.

Here are some more photos from the beach!







Right, I’m off to the carnival celebrations at the Olympic Park with my new housemate. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to vote for me over on Rokit’s Street Style competition (just hit the Facebook like icon above the photo). If I win, I’ll be sharing some of the prize with one of you on here!




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