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Rah-rah-ah-ah-ahh, roma-roma-maa, ga-ga-ohh-la-la…!

Have I got your attention? Good! A few weeks ago I went to see the one and only Lady Gaga play at The O2 Arena. It was an early birthday present from my Parents, and my what a show!!





We had pretty great seats with a fab view of the whole set-up of the spectacular stage, which even featured her very own artRAVE bar that she actually ordered a beer from halfway through her set. It must be thirsty work being Lady Gaga after all! She sang all her hits that we’ve come to love; from Just Dance to Applause, and even throwing in a couple of songs off her latest collaborative record with legendary singer, Tony Bennett.

It wouldn’t be a Gaga gig without the odd costume change (I think I counted 8 altogether!)








She truly is an inspiration to her fans (or her little monsters as she likes to call us). Instead of conforming to critics and toning down her image, she fights back with wackier and even more outlandish outfits looks. Gaga has taught her fans to love themselves for who they are, no matter how not-so-normal or extra weird they feel. Embrace your strangeness!

Seeing the fans out in all their glorious costumes was amazing. So much time and effort had gone into some of this outfits. I was inspired myself to show a slightly wilder side of my wardrobe…



Excuse the lousy photo quality, think my camera battery was losing juice due to taking so many pictures of Mama Monster! This outfit is actually quite saucy for me, though once I got to the gig, I felt a little under dressed…

My sparkly skirt is by Orla Kiely which I nabbed at a sample sale for just £40 down from God knows how much! I’ve added a black lace long sleeved top bought from TKMaxx, over a black lace New Look bra, and black Carvela boots from Kurt Geiger. The look is completed with my triangle necklace and monochrome bow bag, both from New Look.

What are your thoughts on Lady Gaga – inspirational Lady, or slightly Gaga?

One thing’s for sure, she’s not afraid to where what she likes! That’s what I have been trying to gain confidence within myself to do. If I see an item I like the look of, instead of thinking ‘I could never pull that off’, I try to work it into my own style and just go for it, though you won’t catch me in a beefy ballgown anytime soon. Some things are just better off left to Gaga 🙂



2 thoughts on “artRAVE

  1. Your outfit is very appropriate to go to this gig, although those two little monsters have been more extreme, heheheh. I love everything in your outfit, specially the skirt, the necklace… and the bow bag is so lovely!! 🙂


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