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Beyond Retro’s Christmas Jumper Pop-Up Shop!

Yesterday was a very exciting day as Christmas finally arrived in town in the shape of a vintage Christmas jumper pop-up shop. Who? What? Where? Why? I hear you all shout! Well allow me to answer these very important questions.

Who? – This brilliant idea has been brought to life by one of my favourite vintage stores, Beyond Retro. What? – it’s a shop full of all types of Christmas jumpers. From Nana knits, to Nordic jumpers, to jumpers with lights and jingley bells, and even some 3D sweaters! It’s not just about Crimbo jumpers in here. They’ve also got sparkly dresses, sequined tops, velvet blazers and glittery hair accessories. Where? – You’ll find this festive haven situated in Old Street station. Perfect for anyone who works in the city. Why not grab a nice hot soup from the cafe opposite so aptly named  Nincomsoup. And finally why? – The main reason for the shop (apart from catering to everyone’s unashamed love of hideous jumpers) is to help support Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day campaign, which takes place this year on Friday 12th December. £1 from every jumper sold from Beyond Retro will be donated to the charity.




I popped over to Old Street with Angelica from One Little Vice, like a big kid on, well, Christmas Day of course! We had a lot of fun trying on some of the most over-the-top designs, and then realising, we actually like those ones the best…

If you’re unable to get down to the pop-up, then fear not as there are almost 2000 Christmas jumpers available to buy from Beyond Retro’s website. Here’s a little collection of my favourites.

Classic Navy – £22     Red Tartan – £22     Light Up Sweatshirt – £32     Novelty 3D – £25
Reindeer Bells – £22     Cream Collared – £22     Holly Vest – £18     V-neck – £20
The shop is open for the next 6 weeks, so plenty of time to choose your festive sweater to help support a great cause.

11 thoughts on “Beyond Retro’s Christmas Jumper Pop-Up Shop!

  1. You are a complete babe (even in the creepy baby jumper which is the thing of nightmares). Thank you so much for taking me there with you! I hope you don't mind if I use one or two of your photos in my “this week” post? (I'll credit the bejeezus out of your blog 😉 ) Looking forward to seeing you next week! Hope you had a great weekend with your friend (I may have stalked his instagram haha… “internet” people problems) xxx


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