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First Outfit of the Year!!


Happy New Year everyone! I celebrated by buying myself a snazzy new camera. It’s the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Compact, which I ordered from Jessops over Christmas – a little present to myself. I am so in love with it and have decided to name it Ringo…

My friend Kev visited me this weekend, so we decided to test out Ringo with an outfit post. I let Kev loose in my wardrobes to pick out one item. It was then up to me to piece together the perfect outfit! The item he picked was my vintage navy army blazer which I bought from Rokit (you can see me wearing it in a different outfit here!).

I am very much a total beginner when it comes to cameras, so of course I had Ringo on the wrong setting for the outfit photos, so excuse the blurred lines – I’m still learning! I didn’t want to not put these up on the blog as I’m really quite proud of putting this outfit together.







This total 60’s flower power dress was purchased from Jones & Jones whilst on a recent visit to Spitalfields Market. They have a lovely little shop next to the market and have some fab sample sales. The round high neck didn’t quite look right with the vintage blazer, so I’ve layered a pink chiffon shirt with a navy collar underneath. This was also a great idea as it gave me an extra layer in the freezing cold! You can’t go wrong with a pair of Converse. It’s what weekends were made for.

After mine and Kev’s mini photoshoot in Stratford, I headed down South to Balham for lunch with my best blogging buddy Angelica from One Little Vice, and her lovely friend Tom.



We started off at M1lk for coffees and a delicious smoothie in a glass pint bottle – how cute! Tom expressed his want of pizza so we popped across the street to Franco Manca for some of the finest. You’ll also notice it was at this point I changed the settings on my camera, so these next photos look slightly better…





After stuffing our faces, we felt we weren’t quite full enough and made a final stop at the sweetest little French cafe called Des Lys, for hot chocolate, cake and more coffees. I loved the whole feel of this place with kitschy cushions, Parisian homemade jams and eccentric teapots from all over the World!







It was a lovely day in a different part of London. I can’t wait to explore more South of the river!

I wish you all a fab New Year! Thank you for visiting for my first outfit post of 2015. Here’s to many more πŸ™‚



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