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Family Fireworks


Evening everyone!

I haven’t had a chance to play with my new camera again yet, so in the meantime I’ll be using some photo’s from my old camera. These will be going back in time, starting with bonfire night! To kick things off, here’s my outfit for the occasion.




I’ve gone for tartan and stripes, again… My tartan trousers are from H&M. I love that they’re actually called ‘slacks‘ on their website. These are the comfiest trousers ever and keep me lovely and warm during these colder months. The beautiful duffel coat is from Joy and is seeing me through a second winter. Great news for all you guys as it’s currently in the sale for a steal price of £45! They also have it in a vibrant red too. My striped rucksack is from Accessorize. I’ve had it a while so it’s no longer on the website, but they do have this very similar one.



Now for the piece I’m really here to show off. How cute is this whale top?! He’s wearing a sailor hat for goodness sake. I fell in love with this little fella in Camden Market. After a little bit of research, I found a t-shirt version over on Etsy and also over at Mero Fashion.

I spent the bonfire weekend at my Aunty’s house where my cousins were making their very own Guy Fawkes.







To make our Guy Fawkes, my Aunty had raided her nearest charity shop for some jeans, a jumper and a hat (which my little cousin Violet then decided looked better on her). We stuffed him with lots of newspaper and gave him an old broom stick for a spin. The kids all got to work with drawing him a face on an old pillow case.

Whilst the men of the house got the wood all ready for the bonfire, us girls made some chocolate lollipops.







The men were taking too long to destroy the wood outside, so the kids decided to help. Also my cousin Callan showed me this really cool putty stuff. If you stop moving your hands it turns into liquid!







With the bonfire ready, we just had to wait for darkness to fall before we could start lighting the fireworks. Me and the brother took a little walk over to Gunnersbury park to see what we could find. Quite a lot as it turns out. Pretty birds, a spooky derelict building and a lonely but beautiful looking bench.







We just about made it back in time to say goodbye to Lord Fred (that’s what we named him) and enjoy the fireworks. It wouldn’t be bonfire night without sparklers!!





I know it was aggeeeeesss ago, but I’d love to hear how you celebrated Guy Fawkes (if you can remember that far back…)

A big thank you to everyone who reads, anyone who comments and to all my new followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It means the world to me 🙂




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