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London Fashion Week Day 1 – Outfit of the Day

So it finally happened, I finally went to London Fashion Week! My beautiful blogging bestie Angelica (AKA One Little Vice) won tickets to the Felder Felder show from the fabulous Nail Berry, and lucky me got to be her +1! After years of dreaming about going to LFW, you’d think I’d have an outfit all planned…nope, apparently not! I knew it had to be something vintage and as the 70’s is looking to make a comeback this S/S (proved by Felder Felder at the last LFW), I wanted to pay homage to the psychedelic era. Having decided on a dress, I was faced with yet more decisions – black or colourful tights? heels or flats? boots or brogues? hair up or down? and what coat?! One by one I figured out the answers and here is my finished look!




This wonderfully tropical gem of a dress I found in Absolute Vintage.  I was almost tempted to wear yellow tights and navy blue velvet boots. Next time. For this outfit I’ve gone with navy tights and my favourite yellow Primark brogues. My vintage navy fedora hat finished off the look perfectly. It’s a little battered, but that just shows how well worn and over loved it was by the past owner 🙂



Now, back to the babe of a dress. High neck, long sleeves, tie back waist – what’s not to love?! Just look at those colours too. It’s a colour clashing girls dream.

So off I went to meet Angelica in Covent Garden to pick up our tickets and take a seat at our first London Fashion Week show. I was beyond excited! Turns out someone stole our seats, but it was fine as we found a place to stand and actually had a better view of the catwalk, so *blows raspberry* screw you seat stealers! After the show, which was over way too quickly for my liking, we had a wander over to Southbank. Walking through London during Fashion Week, you can spot fellow attendees a mile off. London is a stylish city any other time of the year, but throughout those 2 weeks a year, it is even more so.











After stuffing our faces at Wahaca (make sure you order their sweet potatoes), we parted ways back to our own homes to get changed into something a bit more comfortable as that evening we were off to the Brixton Academy to see the hugely talented George Ezra!



So there you have it, my first (and hopefully not last) mini experience at London Fashion Week! A massive thanks to Nail Berry for inviting Angelica and an even bigger thank you to Angelica for bringing me along 🙂

Has anyone else been to any other LFW shows yet? Maybe you have one coming up? Have any designers caught your eye yet this season?

Thanks for reading/following/liking/sharing/commenting 🙂



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