Joe’s Bloggers Casino Night with bgo

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just over a week ago I was invited by Joe Blogs to a bgo casino night in Romford. The setting for the evening was Missoula, a stylish cocktail bar, and my +1 was the wonderfully crazy Candy (AKA Owl Girl). After being faced with transportation troubles (no lights at Romford station = CLOSED) we made it to the bar and were greeted by Haydn who’s part of the Joe Blogs Team. We were handed free drinks tokens and fake money to use for the night, as well as provided with a huge buffet of food.

Upstairs we went and headed straight for the bar. Candy had a Pina Colada whilst I went for a Soleros, it tasted just like the ice cream! We then had little over an hour to learn and practice the tricks of roulette and black jack before we started an hour of playing with the fake money. At the end of the hour, everyone’s leftover chips would be counted and the winners presented with prizes. As well as top 3 prizes for the most chips, there were 2 Twitter based competitions running throughout the event; 1 for best picture and 1 for best selfie with a Verne Troyer life sized cutout. Keep scrolling to see our best shots for prize glory!





I think I preferred playing Black Jack as you had to think about it a little more, as opposed to roulette where it was mostly due to chance. I seemed to be doing pretty well towards the end of the hour of real play and had stocked up on £85 worth of chips, that’s a £35 profit!




I was almost tempted to put on one last big bet but instead, refrained. That was my best decision of the night as I ended up coming in 3rd place when it came to counting up our chips (1st placed girl though!).

That wasn’t the only prize I won that night. My cheeky pic with naughty Verne lifting up my skirt won me the best Verne selfie of the night too!




I gave one of my prizes to Candy as I felt a bit greedy taking away two.

A big thank you to the guys at Joe Blogs for inviting me along for such a fun night, and also to bgo for teaching us the rules of roulette and Black Jack! Finally, one last shout out to a new blogging friend we made on the night (and shared a train journey home with) Leanne, who writes over on Broke in the Big Smoke 🙂

To any bloggers looking to get out there attending fun events, I highly recommend signing up to Joe Blogs. Rumour has it there’ll be a Monopoly night in London coming up soon!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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