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Blue Suede Jacket and Lunch at Côte (Outfit of the Day)


I am back from my little vacation, so the first thing I did was catchup with my bestie Angelica (aka One Little Vice). As I was still missing Paris, I thought it only right we grab some lunch (and wine!) at French brasserie Côte.







Almost 48 hours since I was sat in Paris with a glass of French wine, it was only right we ordered a bottle. We went for the Chateau du Poyet which was delicious and light. After catching up with each others weeks, it was time to get down to business and decide on what food to order. This was a lot harder than I had anticipated, everything looked so good! As we were in the heart of London, they also had a lunch and pre-theatre menu available which is a set menu where you can choose 2 courses for £11.70 or 3 for £13.65 – bargain!



I was really in the mood for some pâté, and their chicken liver parfait with toasted brioche and caramelised onions had my mouth seriously watering. The pâté had quite a salty taste to it, so the sweet bread and caramelised onions really balance this starter out well. Unfortunately this dish isn’t part of their lunch and pre-theatre menu, but as I was only going for a starter and dessert, the price didn’t work out too differently.

Angelica went for the pan roasted breaded chicken breast with Provençale sauce, rocket and lemon. From her satisfied face, I could tell it was scrumptious, also she failed to offer me any, so obviously too good to share!


Finally it was dessert time! Angelica had the crumble aux pommes which was a cute miniature take on an apple crumble with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I had to go for the créme brulée. I’d eaten quite a lot of these whilst in Paris, it had become a bit of a running joke that I would order it at every cafe/restaurant. I’m thinking of doing a whole post dedicated to all the créme brulées I had in the French capital…

Now, for what I wore!




Earlier in the day, I had popped along to Rokit in Covent Garden and fallen in love with this beaut of a vintage suede jacket. It was only £15 in their sale, so of course I had to buy it. It was also fate that it happened to go nicely with the rest of the outfit I was wearing that day too! I also treated myself to a red corduroy skater skirt and a lovely grey wool skirt with velvet trim. Make sure to give my blog a follow as I’m sure they’ll be popping up on here soon.





My stripey dress was one of my many purchases whilst in Paris. It’s from Uniqlo and is quite possibly, one of the easiest dresses to just throw on over a pair of tights. It’s not too tight, so you can’t even notice my little food baby from lunch earlier, and it’s go pockets!! I’m really growing a fondness for this teal colour at the moment. They also do this dress in 2 other stripey colour combinations, and there’s a jumper version too (which I may have also bought…). The nautical look is set to be big this S/S, so I feel dead on trend in this number. The material is quite thick which makes it perfect for these transitional months.



My shoes are vintage Bally which I picked up from Absolute Vintage (yes that’s me prancing about on their website!). You may remember seeing me wear them here. This lush leather rucksack was another Paris buy from C&A. Which of my UK readers remembers this shop?! I bought my first pair of black heeled boots from them when I was about 10. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have any stores over here anymore, so we were quite excited to come across one whilst on our holiday. This bag was actually in their 50% sale, so only cost me 12Euro50!

Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin to see my Paris posts which will be going live this week!


9 thoughts on “Blue Suede Jacket and Lunch at Côte (Outfit of the Day)

  1. God, that creme brule just about made me groan- that looks so ridiculously good! I can see why you just about ordered it every time in Paris, haha, I would too! And I love that there's a pre-theater special. Is going to the theater a wildly popular thing in London? Here in Chicago people go, but not enough that menus would revolve around it. And I'm loving that striped dress on you! The saturated colors look so lovely with your hair color and skin tone. That and the stripes are just plain fun 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


  2. Haha creme brulee is just oh so delicious, when it's done right of course! Yeah, going to the theatre is pretty popular over here, and it's usually done with a yummy dinner somewhere nice too. I am really loving teal and navy together, makes a change from the usual white and red! Thanks so much for your comment, and for actually reading my blog and not just looking at the pictures 🙂 x


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