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Paris (Part 1) – Notre Dame

Bonjour, and welcome to part 1 of my recent trip to Paris!

It all started with Luke coming over the night before to help me pack over a bottle of wine. No idea what I would’ve done without that boy! I am the worst at packing, and I end up getting stressed over what to take. The wine certainly helped with this too.

We arrived late afternoon, and after quite the fiasco with someone pickpocketing my Aunty’s purse from her bag in the Metro station (we got it back!), we arrived to our new home for the week. I’d managed to book this wonderful apartment through Airbnb. It was all the mix-matched antique furniture and vibrant red decor that had really caught my eye. The first thing we did was pop open the bubbly!












Having had a rather stressful journey, we decided to enjoy a relaxing night in for our first night. Off we headed to the supermarket round the corner to buy supplies – cheese, bread, foie gras, hummus, and of course, wine. The night was still young after filling our bellies, so we went for a wander around the neighbourhood. Bastille was just a short walk down the road, we could even see the beautiful statue from our balcony. If anyone happens to know the gentleman in the picture below, contact me! His name is David and he saw me with my camera and asked if I’d mind taking his photo by the monument and emailing it to him. But me being the klutz I am, managed to lose his address – sorry David!





I woke up on our first morning in Paris and was welcomed to some delicious croissants that my Aunty Jean had kindly popped down to the bakery to buy us for breakfast. YUM! Washed and dressed, we wandered down and along the river Seine until we got to the Notre Dame. Wowee what a glorious looking building it is! It’s free to go inside and the queue wasn’t too long either. There was a longer queue around the side, but that’s for the tour up all the steps to the top, and we weren’t really feeling all too fit for that!














Tired legs and aching feet, my Nan suggested we get on a tour bus which takes us all over the City. We scoured some deals and found Foxity which do a 2 hour tour for 17Euro each. The bus literally took us round to every tourist attraction in Paris, and we listened to some really interesting facts through the headphones. If you’re only in Paris for a day or 2, it really is a great way to see everything. It was however, quite difficult to get some good photos on a moving bus – apologies!






After our 2 hour rest, we were raring to start walking back towards our apartment, stopping for dinner at Le Bistrot des Vosges where I had THE best créme brûlée of the trip (and I had A LOT of this French dessert on this trip!).











Of course I managed to get some outfit shots during the day too!


I knew we’d been doing lots of walking, so my New Balance trainers from ASOS were a must! I also went for my comfy tartan slacks from H&M and my best charity shop find, cashmere Charlotte jumper by Gerard Darel. I layered this over a tropical print shirt from OASAP to add a pop of colour. As Spring hadn’t quite hit Paris, my Joy coat (available in green in the sale) came everywhere with me!

Be sure to follow me over on Bloglovin to see Paris part 2 when it goes live!

Au revoir for now 🙂


8 thoughts on “Paris (Part 1) – Notre Dame

  1. Wow that apartment is amazing! I love the photos you have taken of the apartments across the road with the yellow lights in some of the windows…. beautiful. I recently went to Paris too so this has brought back some great memories! I can't believe how close you got to the Arch de Triomph. I love creme brûlée too and this was consumed a lot. Looks like you had a great time!

    Sarah xxx || http://www.whatsasssays.com


  2. Ahhh your photos gave me a heavy dose of wanderlust, Paris is looking quite beautiful through your eyes 🙂 Though what a terrible way to start the trip- I'm so glad your Aunt got her wallet back! How very lucky. And ahhh that apartment looks so fun. I did Airbnb for the first time last month and I don't think I'll be going back to hotels anytime soon. I felt like an actual local stepping outside of my little apartment 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


  3. Thank you Marlen. Stay tuned for part 2 🙂 Airbnb is amazing, this was my first time too! I can't wait for my next trip somewhere. The best part is looking through at all the beautiful apartments, but then there is the difficult decision of picking which one!


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