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#LandGGamesNight Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Last week, I managed to blag myself, quite last minute, an invite to Joe’s Bloggers event in partnership with Legal & General. It was a night of my 3 favourite P’s – prosecco, pizza and poard games…? Rumour had it, our board game of the night would be Monopoly. After work I quickly ran home to pick up my top hat, before I headed towards Kings Cross. The night’s event took place inside the Joe’s Bloggers own offices, and my, these might just be the coolest offices ever!

After almost walking in to the wrong place, I spotted Charlie (who I had met at a Christmas Bloggers gathering late last year) and some other bloggers, so quickly followed them to the correct location. Upon our arrival we were each handed a glass of prosecco by the lovely Gemma, who is sadly leaving the Joe’s Bloggers team *sad face*. After some mingling, and more prosecco, we were introduced to James who told us the lowdown for the evening.

There were 6 tables each with a Monopoly board all set up for us. I’d already bumped into Leanne, whom I had met at the last Joe’s Bloggers event I attended, and we had decided to take the table with the retro version of this popular board game. We were joined by 4 fellow bloggers – Sorcha (of Bright Field Notes), Milly (of Mini Adventures), Emma (from Emma Inks), and Olivia (from Beauty from the Fjord) who I had also met previously last year. With our table now full, it was time to let the games begin!

The aim was to be the wealthiest blogger by the end of play at 9pm. This included all money, properties, houses and hotels. We all started off just having a general chit-chat whilst taking our turns rolling the dice and moving around the board. Halfway through, the pizza arrived. Bring on the blogger stampede!

We bloggers do love our pizza, even more so after a couple of bottles of prosecco… Once we had filled our tummies with delicious cheesey goodies, it was back to Monopoly. This was when the game really started to hot-up, with members starting to plant houses and hotels on their properties, and there was even some bargaining happening as we entered the last 30 minutes of play.

9pm came around much too quickly, and it was time to start calculating our totals. It was clear we had a mighty winner on our table, but would she be the winner of the room…?

She would!! Having all counted up our worth, it was revealed that Leanne had come out top and was awarded first pick of the prizes – Hooray!

There was just enough time at the end for some quick outfit shots – thanks to Olivia for taking these πŸ™‚

Jumper – UniQlo // Vest – Tesco // Chinos – SwapaholicsUK Clothing Swap (originally from Topman) // Shoes – Present from the parents (originally from New Look) // Scrabble necklace – Asda

My stripey jumper (yes, another one!) is from UniQlo. You may remember seeing the dress version a few weeks ago too. This jumper is a little bit shorter than I usually like, so I layered it over a jade vest top, with lace edging which I got from Tesco a couple of years ago. My navy chinos are actually from Topman but I picked them up from a clothing swap. Turns out they belonged to my old housemate! My Mum bought me the anchor print shoes for my birthday a few years back. I thought I’d stick with the board game theme and wear my Scrabble necklace which I got from Asda. Let’s not forget the top hat! I was given this whilst on a night out, all because I apparently looked like Lily Allen…

I had such a fun evening and want to thank Joe’s Bloggers for letting me gatecrash last minute, and to Legal & General for sponsoring the event. A massive thanks also to all the girls who I shared a table with. Next time, Operation!!


25 thoughts on “#LandGGamesNight Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

  1. Haha I literally get that every time I go out! Tis not a bad thing, she's one of my girl crushes. Hang on…! Do I now have a crush on myself…?

    Thank you Katy. I do love a sneaky shot πŸ˜‰ yes, definitely! x


  2. Oh god, I actually have an extreme hatred for monopoly but mainly due to the fact that I always loose out during the first 20 minutes and am forced to sit there for the next few hours while everyone keeps playing…

    Rae | love from berlin


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