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Street Feast at Dalston Yard (and my Outfit of the Day!)

Last week, my new blogger pal Leanne from Broke in the Big Smoke won 2 tickets to the launch of Street Feast at Dalston Yard, and she very kindly asked me along. I knew there would be lots of food so had prepared myself for the evening by not only eating little snacks at work, but also with my outfit too…

You may remember seeing this dress in a previous post. However, this time I decided it was best not to wear a belt because there was going to be lots of stuffing my face later and my inevitable squidgy tummy did not need accentuating! I picked up this dress from the Stradivarius online sale towards the end of last season. The boots were another sale purchase last year, this time from New Look. My fabulous friend Scarlet who DJs at my favourite place for a dance, Arts Theatre Club, gave me the leather jacket, originally from Topshop. My Primark socks were also a perfect match!

Dress – Stradivarius // Jumper – Vintage from eBay // Jacket – Present from a friend (originally from Topshop) // Boots – New Look // Socks – Primark 

It was still a little bit chilly outside, but as I’m forever cold in the office, I had a spare jumper lying about, and luckily it layered over my dress wonderfully and really brings out the other colours in the pattern (plus it kept me warm!).

Right, so how about this food then?!

As we arrived at Dalston Yard, we were handed little cards which entitled us each to one free Frontier craft lager and one Jose Cuervo tequila slushy. We grabbed a beer and took a wander around the open market and tried to decide where we should start.

Our first stop was Sambal Shiok. If there is any food involving peanut butter (or sauce in this case), I am on it like Sonic!! How could we resist a chicken satay slider each when they are smothered in peanut sauce. We definitely started on a high. The sweetness from the mini brioche buns really brought out the peanut flavour. This was, without a doubt, my favourite dish from the evening. This doesn’t mean I’m still not going to gush about the rest of the food we ate!

Next up was Rola Wala who do twisted Indian street food. They had a special deal when you buy their 3 naan breads , each with a different topping, so we ordered one of each and shared. The first one was Goan pulled pork which I found to be quite chewy but it had a nice amound of spice to it. Next up was the Keralan Dal. I didn’t feel that the flavours really came through with this one. Lastly was the Kashmiri chicken tikka, mine and Leanne’s favourite of the 3. This one had a great little fruity kick to it with the mango chutney.

Le Bun had a fun looking stall set up with a retro radio and a little tv showing 90’s classic True Romance. First up was Le Duck Frites. This consisted of pulled confit duck, straw frites, bearnaise spread, duck sauce, champagne slaw all inside a seeded brioche bun. This was yummy indeed. I particularly liked the champagne slaw which really went well with the pulled duck. Butter milk chicken was quite popular around the yard, but we were sold with Le Bun’s version in their Truffles ‘n’ Waffles. The chicken was accompanied by shaved winter truffles, house waffles, truffle butter and rosemary maple syrup. This was a different take on a chicken burger, but utterly delicious. It almost felt like I was eating more of a dessert, which my sweet tooth was very happy with.

Having already had 3 dishes, we had a little walk around to help digest so we would be ready for dessert. There are lots of little seating areas hidden around corners and up stairs on balconies overlooking the rest of the yard. You’ll be sure to find somewhere to grab a drink and people watch. I thought the open fires were a great touch for making this feel even more relaxed.

Finally, it was time for doughnuts! You Doughnut have a great little system for ensuring you get exactly what you’re craving. To start with, you pick your size. We went for a small which was 2 mini doughnuts. Next you pick the sugar (vanilla or cinnamon – of course it had to be cinnamon!), then the sauce (we both went for the salted caramel, but they also had strawberry & lime), and finally a topping. There were 4 toppings to pick from; hazelnuts, marshmallows, sprinkles or pistachios. Again, we both went for the sprinkles. Leanne also opted for a scoop of vanilla ice cream with hers too. These doughnuts were the perfect end to our evening. They were scrumptiously sweet but also light, so we didn’t quite feel like heffalumps!

I’d highly recommend visiting Street Feast whilst it resides at Dalston Yard every Friday and Saturday right up until September 26th. I’d also recommend going with someone who is up for trying a bit of everything, or at least someone with similar tastes to yourself, as the dishes are all quite small but are easy to share, not to mention the prices can become quite steep too. That way you get to try as many of the dishes as possible, whilst sharing the cost.

A massive thank you to Leanne for inviting me along, and also to Time Out for picking her as their winner!!

If any of you do pop along, do let me know what you try and what you thought!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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