Debenhams A/W15 Press Day – Womenswear

Last week I was invited along to Debenhams AW15 Press Day. This would be my very first press day, so I was beyond excited!! Who doesn’t love a bit of Debenhams with enough brands and designers on board, you’re bound to find something for everyone, and this press day was no exception. Not only would they be showcasing what’s to come next season in womenswear, but there was also sneak peeks of mens, childrens and home-wear! I got a bit too excited on the day and basically took photos of everything, so my posts will be in batches.

First up is the womenswear.

Star by designer Julien Macdonald for Debenhams AW15 Press Preview
Debenhams Autumn/Winter 2015 Press Day navy & black outfits
Navy & black metallic belted coat with fur collar by Julien Macdonald for Debenhams #DebsAW15
Designer RJR. John Rocha for Debenhams AW15 press day
Navy floral midi skirt and embellished jumper with fut scarf by RJR. John Rocha for Debenhams
Navy furry handbag by RJR. John Rocha for Debenhams press day

We all know I’m a fan of the navy and black colour combo (more evidence here!), so imagine my delight when the first thing I spot are the new collections from Julien Macdonald and John Rocha, featuring that fur collared metallic coat and the above navy fluffy handbag!

Designer Jasper Conran for Debenhams at the AW15 press day
Autumn/Winter long camel belted coat and turtle neck grey jumper by Jasper Conran for Debenhams
Jasper Conran for Debenhams outfit details. Brown and navy suede skirt and patent satchel bag
Yellow and navy blue striped chiffon shirt by Jasper Conran for Debenhams #DebsAW15

Jasper Conran was also keeping with the dark navy colour scheme, whilst also looking to carry on the suede trend which is big at the moment. It was love at first sight over that navy and brown skirt, which has been teamed wonderfully with the thick turtle neck jumper. Easy to throw on, but oh-so chic. Perfect for A/W.

Principles by designer Ben de Lisi for Debenhams press day AW15 preview
Red scallop coat Principles by Ben de Lisi for Debanhams #DebsAW15
Début for Debenhams Autumn/Winter 2015 press day preview #DebsAW15
Cream and burgundy red embroidery dress perfect for a wedding outfit by Début for Debenhams
Preen/Edition for Debenhams at the A/W15 Press day preview
Black fringed suede jacket by Preen/Edition for Debenhams Autumn/Winter 2015 press day
Preen/Edition for Debenhams black fringed suede jacket outfit details #DebsAW15

Moving us from navy into red was Principles by Ben de Lisi with a vibrant scarlet coat, followed by the romantic floral designs of Début. Sticking with the 70’s suede fashion was Preen Edition with this amazing black fringed jacket! I’m pretty sure I made an excitable whimper sound (if there is such a thing?) when I saw this beauty.

Red Herring for Debenhams AW15 press day preview

Red Herring look pretty set on bringing the boho trend into next season with pretty paisley printed tops, lacey layers, and not forgetting the big fur collars! Doesn’t it all just scream Almost Famous?! I’m really feeling that fringed bag, and the burnt orange tones of the gypsy tops has walks through Autumn leaves written all over it.

Faith were on hand to bring it all together with their chunky boots and ready to party bags in dark and delicious earthy tones. I really dig that chain detail on those black lace up boots too!

Now, there is one crucial designer for Debenhams that I have yet to mention, but only because I was saving my favourite until last…

As an avid fan of all of Henry’s work, I was extremely pleased to have not been left disappointed with his collection for Debenhams. It’s as though he can read my mind and has designed my perfect wardrobe! I’ve already mentally set money aside so I can buy that orange suede dress the day it comes out, and don’t even get me started on that military jacket. Henry will also be collaborating with illustrator Will Broome exclusively for Debenhams with these totally cute winter accessories.

With 15 minutes until the end of the press day, who should decide to drop in…?

Mr Holland himself popped in for a glass of prosecco and a look at his collection. I just couldn’t help myself and had to go and say hello (with a little, okay a big, bit of help from Charlie!). I may have gone into total fangirl mode and told him I love him a couple of times, no big deal…! What a pleasure it was to meet Henry 🙂

Before I go, here are a couple more random shots I got of the womenswear section.

Next season looks very exciting. I should probably start saving as I’ve got quite the wishlist…

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Thanks for reading 🙂


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