Speedboat Time with London RIB Voyages – The Ultimate London Adventure!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Mike from London RIB Voyages (big thanks to Leanne for passing on my deets!) who invited me to climb aboard one of their speedboat experiences. I chose ‘The one that started it all’, The Ultimate London Adventure. A date was arranged and off to Waterloo me and Amy went. I was a little bit nervous as I’m not usually one for speed, so we grabbed a cheeky beer beforehand. The meeting point for the boat ride was easy enough to find; right next to the London Eye. We were greeted by the team and given coats and life jackets to wear.

After the excitement of getting to play dress-up (these coats were soooo fleecey and warm inside) it was time to climb aboard the bright red speedboat. Lucky us managed to score front row seats!

We were welcomed on board by our tour guide for the evenings trip, the wonderfully friendly funny-lady Stacey. She gave us the lowdown of what we could expect during this 50 minute experience. We started at The London Eye and traveled East, bobbing past the Modern Tate at a reasonable speed. Our ears were treated to some fun pop songs, perfect to sing along to. Once we passed underneath Tower Bridge (my favourite London landmark!) it was full steam ahead!

I needn’t have been nervous. Yes, it did go very very fast (it made my eyes water, hence the sunnies), but I felt extremely safe, and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! The captain was steering us left and right, the speakers were pumping out Bon Jovi and the James Bond Theme, and we got to wave at the loser boats going at super slow speeds. You get a teeny tiny bit of river spray to the face, but it’s quite refreshing. I would advise keeping your bag on your lap, as our boat had a little puddle form on the base, which spread itself across the floor following the boats zig-zag pattern down the river.

After a swift u-turn, it was back towards Tower Bridge, and back to the restricted speed. This part of the tour was the ‘guide’ part. It sounds boring, but it was far from! Stacey was so engaging, telling us amusing and weird facts about all the popular landmarks on either side of the river. She even invited us all over to her flat on the top floor, for a beautiful view of London, tea and hobnobs (if anyone knows where I can find Stacey to make arrangements, please let me know…).

If you’re looking for something fun and different to do in London, I highly recommend this Ultimate London Adventure experience. You could also give their other experiences a go. Break The Barrier looks especially exciting!

*I was invited to try out London RIB Voyages for free, but rest assured, all views are my own (and honest) 🙂


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