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Fleetmac Wood @ XOYO with Jukely

Last week I signed up to new music website Jukely. It’s a gig subscription service where you pay £25 a month (or £45 if you’d like a +1 to each show) which allows you to grab passes to as many of their chosen gigs as you like. If , like me, you love finding new musical talent in London, then this is definitely for you! I’m one of these people that will hear one song I really like, check if the artist has any upcoming cheap gigs, and just buy 2 tickets and go. I’ve managed to see some great bands and artists in tiny venues (James Bay in a little church in Shepherds Bush last year was a highlight) before they get swallowed up by all the hype. When you sign up, you are given a free week to trial the service. Now coming to the end of my free week, and I’ve already made back the money I’ll be paying monthly (I went for the £45 +1 option). The first free passes I chose were for Fleetmac Wood at XOYO.

Fleetmac Wood are a collection of DJ’s who put on Mac parties around the UK and America (they were even at Glasto this year!) who only play Fleetwood Mac re-edits and originals. They fully encourage party-goers to dress up, with even their DJ’s displaying amazing costumes. Tickets for this gig were priced at £10 in advance (plus booking fee), or £15 on the door. That’s already half of my monthly bill in this one pass during my free week!
When we arrived we were a little disappointed as there were only around 5 people in the bar. Fleetwood Mac tunes could clearly be heard, so we knew we were in the right place. It just turned out we were on the wrong floor…
We were dancing as soon as we entered the main room! The music was amazing (obviously!), with all the classic (and some not so) Mac songs we all love, but with bigger, funkier beats and twists so you feel like you’re hearing them all for the first time again. The night didn’t just feature DJs, there was also a dancer on stage for a few songs, and music videos being projected onto a big wall.
For any Fleetwood Mac lovers out there, I really would recommend getting yourself to one of Fleetmac Wood’s events.
I would also recommend checking out Jukely. Use code ‘JUKECE1’ to not only get a week free, but also £10 off your first month. YOU’RE WELCOME!

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