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Peanuts (Outfit of the Day/OOTD)

This weekend just gone, me and Amy headed to the top of One New Change, not just for the amazing rooftop views of London, but also to catch a bit of the tennis. Great British Summer have placed some pop up screens around London for us all to enjoy watching Wimbledon out in the sunshine*. Our chosen location was absolutely beautiful with St Paul’s Cathedral as the backdrop. They’d also decked out the rooftop with fake grass, deck chairs and giant Union Jack cushions. We quickly popped into M&S Food on the lower ground floor of the shopping centre to grab some beers, cookies and peanut butter ice cream (this is not where the title of today’s post is from…). Having bought our supplies, it was into the glass elevator and straight up to the 6th floor. The sun was shining and Federer was just about to hit the court, so we had a few spare minutes to snap some outfit pictures and bask in the glorious views!

*sunshine not guaranteed!

Let’s start with my pretty cute new top (which appears to already be sold out!). I found this when I was ordering some stripey trousers from Forever 21 and needed to spend a little extra to get the free postage. I’m a big lover of peanuts (especially in the butter form) so the little slogan above the pocket had already caught my eye. But then, I saw the back…….

It’s only Charlie Brown and the gang!! This is such a great top for summer as it’s cropped and not fitted. I ordered a size small. As I’m not really one for flashing my tummy, I paired it with a vintage high-waisted floral skirt. My shoes are also quite new. I’d originally ordered these from Clarks in a size 5.5, but they were a tad too big, so I popped back and swapped them for a 5 (and also ended up buying another pair of shoes in the sale – oops!). The first time I wore them they did rub and cause a blister, but that’s just because it was fresh leather against my sensitive heels. They now wear like a dream!

Top – Forever 21 // Vintage Skirt – To Be Worn Again // Shoes – Clarks // Necklace – A Fair Trade World // Sunglasses – Primark

The one item that started this outfit was my necklace. It was sent to me by A Fair Trade World, a company that sells jewellery handcrafted by women in Uganda. The beads are made from recycled newspaper, magazines and calendars, which are cut into tiny thin triangular strips, rolled into shape, and covered in a protective coating. You’d never know they were essentially balls of paper. A Fair Trade World is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, and so the women who hand make the jewellery are paid a living wage so they can ‘hope and dream of a new and better life for themselves and their children – one with smiles as warm as the Ugandan sun’. They sent me this blue stripey necklace, which is totally me, right?! They also sell bracelets, earrings, bags & purses, and even sell bags of beads so you can have a go at making your own jewellery! This is a great company, trading for all the right reasons.

After prancing about, trying not to flash me knickers in the summer breeze, it was time to grab a deck chair and settle down for the tennis. It was a beautiful moment to watch Andy Murray win his match with the sun setting next to St Paul’s. Even when there isn’t a big pop-up screen, this is a gorgeous spot to look down on London in the summer. There’s a swanky bar and restaurant up there too!

Has anyone else been watching Wimbledon? Where do you all plan to watch the final?


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